LSE Group represents an informal grouping of the companies created out of the demerger and amalgamation of the successor company of the erstwhile Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE).

The parent/holding company of the LSE Group is LSE Capital Limited (LSECL), which is a uniquely positioned Islamic Financial Institution under the laws of Pakistan. LSE Capital holds the licenses of Modaraba Management Company and Consultant to the Issue, which enables it to offer corporate finance, deals advisory (IPOs, FPOs) and mergers and acquisition services. LSECL also holds investments and operates the other group companies like Digital Custodian Company, Ensmile Limited, LSE Ventures Limited and LSE Finance Limited.

Three of the group companies, namely LSE Capital Limited (PSX ticker: LSECL), LSE Ventures Limited (PSX ticker: LSEVL) and LSE Finance Limited (PSX ticker: LSEFSL) are publicly traded companies listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), while the other technology-focused companies, namely the Digital Custodian Company Limited (DCCL), and Ensmile Limited are functioning as unlisted public companies.

LSE Group traces back its roots to first being established as Lahore Stock Exchange in 1971. After 45 years of operating as a stock exchange, the entity was later converted into a non-banking finance company in 2016 and changed its name to LSE Financial Services Limited (LSE FSL). In 2022, the control of LSE FSL was acquired by a group of value investors, led by Mr. Aftab Ahmad Chaudhry, the former MD/LSE of LSE, who first demerged LSE FSL into three companies during 2023. Later in 2024, he merged the LSE’s property assets holding company-LSE PropTech, created out of the earlier demerger, with his Modaraba (Modaraba Al-Mali) and its Modaraba Management Company, LSE capital. With this merger, LSE Capital became the parent of all other LSE Group companies.