LSE Group History

LSE Group started as a stock exchage in 1971 when a group of leading businessmen and industrialists of the region obtained the license to function as Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE). At that point in time, LSE became the third licensed stock exchange of the country after Karachi Stock Exchange (1947) and Dacca Stock Exchange (1956).

Until 2012, LSE continued to operate as a mutualized exchange. Thereafte, LSE was converted into a joint stock company under the Demutualization Act of the country. Upon demutualization, all of the 152 then existing members of LSEL (stock exchange seat holders) were issued shares on pro-rata basis against the valuation of the whole of the assets of the company and the company was renamed as Lahore Stock Exchange Limited (LSEL). Besides this, the members of the Exchange were also given indidual Trading Right Entitlement Certificates (TRECs), to separate their ownership interests from the brokerage rights.

In Jan 2016, the stock exchange operations of all three domestic stock exchanges of the country, namely Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges were merged whereby all TREC holders belonging to Lahore and Islamabad Stock exchenges were granted TRECs of Karachi Stock Exchange. Thus, Pakistan Stock Exchange emerged as the unified stock exchange of the country. Both Islamabad and Lahore Stock Exchanges retained all their assets and investments but they gave up their stock exchange licenses and instead obtained licenses to operate as Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC).

From 2016 to 2022, LSE operated as an NBFC under the name to LSE Financial Services Limited (LSE FSL). As an investment finance services company, LSE FSL mainly focused on providing margin financing product for the stock market participants. However, during 2022, the majority shares of LSE FSL were acquored by a group of new investors, led by Mr. Aftab Ahmad Chaudhry, who initiated the process of demerger of LSE FSL into three companies.

In 2023, the demerger and reverse merger scheme of LSE FSL was approved by the honorable Lahore High Court. As a result, LSE Ventures Limited, became the new parent company of LSE holding all investments and assets, whereas the real assets of the company were placed into another company named as LSE PropTech Limited. LSE FSL continued its existence but it became the wholly owned subsidiary of LSE Ventures Limited. Under the reverse merger part of the Scheme, LSE Ventures Limited (PSX Ticker: LSEVL) and LSE PropTech Limited (PSX Ticker: LSEPL) became listed companies.