Central Depository Company

Central Depository Company is recognized as the infrastructure backbone of the Pakistan Capital Market and it is the sole securities depository in the country. In the past two decades, CDC has also evolved as one of the leading and most prestigious infrastructure institutions in Pakistan with a focus on the capital market.


   National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited

NCCPL is a significant element of Pakistan’s Capital Market that provides centralized Clearing and Settlement Services for all trades/transactions executed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited in the Equities, Derivatives and Debt Market.


  The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency

Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, PACRA seeks to be an agent of change, developing insightful risk solutions, transforming both the rating business and the industry in line with the best practices. Being the first rating agency in Pakistan, PACRA carries the onus of leadership. Hence, innovation and evolution in process and practices are defining attributes. PACRA is in the business to evaluate the capacity and willingness of an obligor to honor its financial obligations. Its credit rating opinion reflects an independent, professional and impartial assessment of the credit risk associated with a particular debt instrument or an entity. By providing a measurement of risk, this facilitates investors in making prudent investment decisions.

June 15, 1994 – a joint venture agreement is signed between International Finance Corporation (IFC) , Fitch Ratings , and Lahore Stock Exchange. This agreement heralded the creation of Pakistan’s first credit rating agency, the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) on August 18, 1994.  Today, PACRA is recognized as a national rating agency by apex regulators of the country, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and an external credit assessment institution (ECAI) by the State Bank of Pakistan. It has a vibrant presence in the region.


LSE’s Investments on other Companies
Sr. No. Name of Company Investment as per equity method As on December 31, 2019 (Rs. in million) Face Value of shares held (Rs. in million) Equity held %
1 CDC 429.182 50.000 10%
2 NCCPL 333.760 14.999 23.53%
3 PACRA 59.588 10.584 36%
4 IFMP 1.000 1.000 2.63%
5 PMEX 22.727 7.3%
Total 823.530 99.310